The Black-Jew Dialogues


The Black-Jew Dialogues is the cornerstone of the Dialogues on Diversity cultural awareness and diversity programming. Created to begin a new discussion about race and diversity in America, this provocative comedy models cross-generational as well as cross-cultural dialogue. The goal of Black-Jew Dialogues is to promote open, honest, and respectful conversation about our differences and move audiences to action.

“A wonderfully inventive act that deals with race in honest, practical and entertaining format.”
John Young, Fanshawe College, Ontario, Canada

This extraordinary two-actor play explores the absurdity of prejudice and racism and the power of diversity. The program combines fast-paced sketches, improvisations, multi-media, puppets, a game show, and a post show discussion. This mixture of media, theater, and dialogue creates a show that has gained praise from universities, high schools, synagogues, and theatres across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

mabelWithin the context of two students working on a class project about cross-cultural dialogue, the performers take the audience on a hysterical and poignant ride. The characters themselves, a traditional student and adult student, represent a sample of the types of diversity present today. The resulting discussion challenges both baby boomers and millennials to critically examine the world around them in order to understand the true nature of diversity and how it has evolved in the 21st Century.

The performance gives insight into the true nature of prejudice and how our inability to face our own biases separates us in ways that we may not even consider. Furthermore, within the context of the show, the two performers also model a healthy dialogue, especially during moments of contention and disagreement. puppet_bbb

“Brave theatre that opens people up to the possibility of change.”
John H. Houchin, Boston College, Chair, Theatre Department

The Black-Jew Dialogues is both a highly successful stand-alone program, and an excellent jumping off point for other Dialogue On Diversity programs. These diversity trainings and workshops have been highly praised by academic, business, and religious institutions. (See Praise for DOD (