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“The perfect college show!”
Mark J. Charney, Director of Theatre
Clemson University

Within days of our world premiere in Edinburgh “The Black-Jew Dialogues” was asked to come and perform at high schools and colleges across the UK and US (who are we to say no?). Since then we have played to thousands of students in public and private schools as well as colleges and universities. We have been brought into schools under many different organizations: Campus Activities, Student Govt., Hillel, Diversity Initiatives or Special Event – it matters not; the end result is always the same. We come. You laugh. We talk. We all go home happy. (And maybe with a tee shirt!)

Hillel Limmud LogosVideo plays a large role in “The Black-Jew Dialogues” and now you can play a role in the show! We offer the option of “Customized Video” which is loaded right into the performance. See your friends, your students, or your community taking part in this hilarious show. Don’t forget to ask how this works.

“An excellent ice-breaker for discussions about diversity of any kind. Students said this show humanized the daunting topic of “Race Relations” and made discussions more open, honest, and sincere.”
Micah Dov Gottlieb, Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI), Dean of Student Life
New York City

Religious & Community Organizations

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“The Black-Jew Dialogues is a funny, moving and thought-provoking look back at the histories and challenges faced by both communities.”
Rabbi Eric Gurvis, Temple Shalom
Newton, MAgurvis

Our great hope in producing this show was to bring together the African American and Jewish American cultures. To that end we have performed in synagogues in the U.S. and the U.K. The warm and joyous responses (and they get all the herring jokes!) that we have received at every synagogue validates and reinforces our commitment to work with as many churches and synagogues as possible. We hope to count you among those involved in the dialogue.

“It hit all the nerves that needed to be hit. They had the audience on the edge of their seats!”
Bishop Fred A. Brown, Abithar Temple Church of God Inc.
Washington, DC

Theatres & Festivals

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“The show to see at this year’s Fringe!”

Though we perform at many colleges and synagogues, The Black-Jew Dialogues was written with the theatre at heart. From its 27-show world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to sold out performances at the Leeds Jewish International Performing Arts Festival and The Rosemary Branch in London the show gets press, praise, and butts-in-the-seats wherever it goes up.

The Black-Jew Dialogues is at home in any venue – the show has filled 100 seat black boxes to 1000 seat grand proscenium stages with equal ease and power.

“Fantastic! So glad we invited you!”
Ellie Ruhan, Festival Director
Leeds Jewish International Performing Arts Festival