Praise for The Black-Jew Dialogues

“Thank you for coming to Purdue! I think we all loved what we learned from you guys. Keep it up!”
Jodie Cha
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

“Thank you again for sharing your talents and important messages with our students. You made a difference. It was a pleasure to have you back on campus.”
Bobbie Karp, Director of Student Activities
North Country Community College, Saranac Lake, New Yorkpraise1

“Ron and Larry are funny, entertaining and know how to draw in a crowd with their hilarious outlook on some sensitive topics.”
AGS Programmer
Clover Park Technical College
Tacoma, Washington

“I am an Assistant Professor at Waldorf College and wanted to say Thank You. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you mixed humor with education to bring an enlightening program to students, faculty and staff. In short, Life is Good (and so are you).”
John Shook
Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa
MLK Day Celebration

“A wonderfully inventive act that deals with race in honest, practical and an entertaining format. I enjoyed the show but was more impressed with my student leader’s response…she loved it”
John Young
Fanshawe College
Ontario, Canada

“Brave theatre that opens people up to the possibility of change.”
John H. Houchin
Boston College, Chair, Theatre Department

“It was easily the best program we have done all year! They made it easy to connect with other campus groups and have a discussion that we have needed to have.”
Ruth Kerman
Program Director at San Diego State, University Hillel

“The show was informative, exciting, and our students and administrators were really engaged by Larry and Ron. The dialogue definitely hit the mark in our constant battle to due away with stereotypes. We look forward to inviting you back to campus in the near future.”
Isaiah Collier
Director of Multicultural Student Services
Bradley University

“I couldn’t be more proud to have booked The Black-Jew Dialogues. I only get to book so many educational/multicultural events a semester and to have a quality program such as your’s was phenomenal and humbling.”
Stephen Bingham
Director of Educational and Multicultural Events
Radford University

“The ‘Black-Jew Dialogues’ is much more than entertainment. It is engaging, provocative, and educational. Through drama and narrative, the characters address subjects that are all too often ignored or tolerated in our schools and neighborhoods. Most importantly, it opens the door for discussion between parents and children. One parent commented that after the show, her child told her about various instances that he witnessed in school that he thought were ‘innocent.’ After seeing the show, he realized just how harmful any these types of prejudicial comments are. “
Nancy Park
Temple Israel Center
White Plains, New York

“Thank you so much for the wonderful performance! It helped people to understand the issues at hand that directly pertain to racism. The Q&A was even more beneficial to the audience because it gave them the opportunity to speak one on one about issues that they had. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to issues that lie all around us but are really really hard to deal with/talk about. I would love to have the Black-Jew Dialogues come back!”
Darlana Swenson
Programmer of Comedy and Concerts
Spokane Community College

“The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington hosted the Black-Jew Dialogues as the entertainment for our annual Dr. MLK, Jr Commemoration, co-hosted with the local NAACP. Their performance was funny, engaging, and thought-provoking. They were very easy to work with, adapted their show to meet our unique needs, and did a great job.”
Rabbi Sarah Meytin
Assistant Director, The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of Greater Washington

“The show alone sparked the most real, honest, productive conversation I have had in my entire undergraduate experience.”
Elizabeth Genovese
Boston College, Student Program Coordinator

“Warm-hearted, funny, yet sharp and insightful.”
Larry Blum
University of Massachusetts, Professor of Philosophy
Author of “I’m Not a Racist, But…”

“Hilarious and profound.”
Rabbi Uri
New Orleans

“The perfect college show.”
Mark J. Charney
Clemson University, Theatre Director
Nat’l Coordinator of the Critics Institute and Dramaturgy Initiative

“An excellent ice-breaker for discussions about diversity of any kind. Students said this show humanized the daunting topic of “Race Relations” and made discussions more open, honest, and sincere.”
Micah Dov Gottlieb
Dean of Student Life, Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI)

“Provocative and funny, often at the same time.”
Epoch Times

“The Black-Jew Dialogues is a funny, moving and thought-provoking look back at the histories and challenges faced by both communities.”
Rabbi Eric Gurvis
Temple Shalom
Newton, MA

“It hit all the nerves that needed to be hit. They had the audience on the edge of their seats!”
Reverend Fred A. Brown
Abithar Temple Church of God Inc.
Washington, DC

“Fantastic! So glad we invited you!”
Ellie Ruhan
Festival Director
Leeds Jewish International Performing Arts Festival

“The Black-Jew Dialogues enables us to comfortably face uncomfortable truths, without making us squirm, but instead, challenging us to think about the profound importance of those very truths.”
Rabbi Howard Jaffe
Temple Isaiah in Lexington, MA

“I laughed so hard. I loved all the history between the Jews and the Gentiles”
Dr. Mary Quinn
President, Counsel of Womens Ministeries
Washington, DC

“The show to see at this year’s Fringe!”

“Our students were laughing from beginning to end. The show really connected with them; and afterwards they asked very insightful questions. It is rare see young people talking about race and culture in a productive way. “The Black-Jew Dialogues” gave them that opportunity, and more.”
Rosalind Thomas-Clark
Chair of Theatre
Boston Arts Academy

“‘The Black-Jew Dialogues’ is hilarious; and at the same time serious in its attempt to sensitize all people to stereotypes and how they play into our relationships!”
Reverend Ida L. Brown
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Washington, D.C.

“Entertaining and Enlightening!”
The Jewish Advocate

“The Black-Jew Dialogues were an eye opening, and jaw dropping experience at Bryant University. Ron and Larry were hilarious, yet got their point across when it came to more serious matters. Although Ron decided to attack me in the front row, the experience was well worth it. Not only did I learn something new in a fun way, I also took away lessons that can be applied to not only Black-Jewish relations, but to race relations as a whole. I highly recommend this hilarious trunk show for your school.
Tiago Machado
Bryant University
Multicultural Student Union, President ’08-’09

“The conversation and the assembly created the opportunity for discussions on race and racial issues in our school community that we had not been able to do on our own.”
Dr. Beth Singer
Principal, Northampton High School

“This is my 8th year teaching at Northampton High School and I taught for 5 years in the Seattle area before this. In all these years I have never seen a performance that so effectively raises issues around racism and cultural awareness. You do a great job of bringing it all to the surface and acknowledging that there are no easy answers or recipes to solve these issues. It just needs to be out there in the open. That is the best thing we can teach and model for these kids.”
Beth Adams
Math Teacher at Northampton High School